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How can you know that homeownership will result in the best financial success for you? 

Over 80% of homeowners have most of their net worth in their homes, but less than a quarter feel confident that homeownership will be a financial success for them. 

That's crazy! But there's a reason for it. 

We live in a world where most of the information we get as homeowners is generated by industries that want to make a buck off of us - mortgage, real estate, insurance, etc. - on decisions that are often confusing, and make up our largest household expenses.

Meanwhile, mistakes can end up costing us thousands of dollars, and lost home equity potential that directly impacts our net worth.

The solution is get totally unbiased information that lays out exactly how to get greatest financial success from homeownership, that’s clear, and simple.  Advice that protects you as a consumer and is focused around exactly what will make the biggest positive impact for you, from buying to selling and everything in between.  

If a lot of our net worth is in our homes, then the solution is to have total control over it.  

If you are a home owner or home buyer you want to:

Maximize your gains
Cut your costs
Navigate any type of financing in a way that gives you control and the upper hand
Avoid being taken advantage of
And have a road map to make your home the best financial success it can be

I have something special for you.  

 What people are saying about it:

"This is an indispensable handbook to have around the house for basically any decision I am looking to make (or revisit) concerning my home - insurance, improvements, equity, long term planning."   - Becka Stamford, Milwaukee, WI

"I've read a lot of books for homeowners and this is the best book I've ever seen, hands down. It's comprehensive, based in the latest research, and has a helpful table where you can find answers to practically any question"  - Mitchell Wallingford, Providence, RI

The Game Plan for Homeowners helps you save thousands of dollars in costs, and make thousands of dollars in protecting your equity, and making decisions that create a larger return on your investment.

If you want to have control over the net worth in your home, then get the Game Plan for Homeowners today. 




The Game Plan for Homeowners 

Control Your Destiny and Win Big While Avoiding Common Traps 

  • Learn the four building blocks that determine how to get a great return on your investment
  • Know exactly what your home equity is, how to protect it and use it
  • Get access to over 50 pages of cost-saving, step-by-step guides, from negotiating lower homeowners insurance to negotiating with banks for your advantage
  • Discover industry secrets that span the lifecycle of homeownership from purchase to sale

Print edition

201 pages, soft cover


Digital edition

206 pages, clickable PDF, 12 MB


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With the purchase of either the print or digital edition, you also get access to our exclusive online resources, which include extensive cheat sheets, videos, and more.

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