Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m a homeowner, and I’ve been a home seller, a refinancer and a home buyer – each a few times.

My passion is empowering homeowners around their home equity, mortgages and refinancing. Maybe that sounds like a very unsexy passion.

But if I tell you about how Homeownering came to be, maybe it will seem less odd.

In 2008, I was trying to free up some of my money after being hit by the recession, and refinance my home. Since my home was my largest asset and also my biggest expense, I needed to make smart decisions around it.

I’d worked in the tech industry with data analysis for years and years and was very comfortable with numbers, but geez, I couldn’t figure out if I was getting a good deal or bad financial advice!

As it turned out, I got straight-up ripped off.

It was after my refinance, when I figured out what a bad deal I got, that I became obsessed with home equity and mortgages. I wanted to learn everything about the homeowner industry and how to beat the system.

I set out to create clarity for homeowners in their financial outcomes, and started a company that made the first software ever for banks and non-profits so they could show their customers clearly what their mortgage options were, and which were best, without any fine print at all.

And, beat Bank of America and Wells Fargo at their own game.

What does this mean for you?

All of this hard work and effort over the last 10 years are what resulted in the products we offer at Homeownering, so that you can have success and clarity in your homeowner-related transactions including the amount of equity in your home and how to get a mortgage and refinance without being at a disadvantage to banks.

Instant Mortgage Genius lets you beat banks at their own game whether you are buying a home or refinancing one. Instant Equity Genius lets you find out for free how much equity you have in your home at any point in time and how much you’ll have in the future.

I want you get the advantage in your important transactions concerning your home, so you are confident and in control with your most important homeowner decisions.

In my free time, I like to make loads of compost and chip wood. I also love to review products for homeowners.

What’s the best way to benefit from Homeownering?

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