Hi, I’m Nicole Hamilton.

Like you, I’m interested in making good financial decisions around home buying, refinancing and selling.

I’ve been a homeowner since 2004, and since then have refinanced, bought and sold a few properties of my own.

Early on, I refinanced a home in a situation that wasn’t ideal and overpaid. And, I bought a property upstate that cost me more money than the pleasure I got out of it. Along the way, I learned from my many missteps.

Since a mortgage is a big monthly cost and homeownership can be a major driver of net worth, I’ve always been interested in better understanding of how to get the most out of the money I spend on real estate.

But I really became laser focused on understanding the potential upside and downside of real estate financial decisions during the housing crisis.

Up until that point, I’d been working in technology. I studied science in college and afterwards, pursued a love of technology as a means for making people’s lives better.

After the housing crash in 2008, where many people had loans they couldn’t necessarily understand or afford, I was inspired to apply my technical knowledge to helping people clearly see their mortgage options, and started my own company to make complex real estate financing decisions easy for people to understand, with no fine print.

My company made real estate financial modeling software for a diverse client base, from wealth management companies who used our software with their high-net-worth clients, to non-profits that used it with new brand-new homeowners.

The focus was on helping people understand the net worth and compounding benefits of building equity, along with modeling how different home financing affects outcomes.

This gave me a unique perspective on homeownership as a wealth driver. I became passionate about homeownership, and dare I say an evangelist!

I have a deep understanding of all aspects of housing finance, including the entire lifecycle of buying, refinancing, home equity loans and selling.

As a natural continuation, I pursued my license as a mortgage loan originator so that I could help people secure smart home financing.

My experience over past decade has made me aware of many opportunities in home financing, such as how various timeframes and types of loans affect short term and long-term costs and equity building, far beyond standard industry knowledge.

One of my strengths is being able to do high level analysis on real estate financial concepts but convey it to people in an easily understandable way that they can take action on.

One of my clients gave this testimonial,

“I’ve never seen or even spoken to someone who can explain complicated financial concepts in a way that makes a person feel at ease, and like they are an equal.”

I really like helping people gain more knowledge that will empower them and level the playing field on important financing options. I try to make a difference in people’s lives. I love creating better outcomes people.

In my free time I like to train and play with my dogs, a big Lab named Cosmo and a little Cockapoo named Daisy. I recently discovered weightlifting which is incredibly satisfying, and I try to run 12 miles a week. For relaxation, I love exploring parts of New York that I’m unfamiliar with, like the many waterways, and miles of coast.

Nicole Hamilton

NMLS #2354049

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