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Hi, I’m Nicole Hamilton. Here’s a little background about me:

Before and up until the great recession, I was working in technology and kept reading stories about people losing their homes. This made me read about mortgages and at the time, people got mortgages they couldn’t necessarily understand or afford. This led to a banking collapse and a record number of foreclosures. Out of it came new regulation intended to prevent irresponsible lending and opaque terms.

But still, mortgages were notoriously confusing to people (and the industry is still a bit of a black box). So I decided to apply my technical skills in product development to the problem of providing transparency to consumers around mortgages. I started a company called Tactile Finance, that made software to let anyone visualize and compare their mortgage options with no fine print.

Ultimately, after five years I folded up the company, having delivered this software to both banks and non-profits, but the company was not serving the niche I had chosen as well as I wanted, and I had to make a choice.

So I started a company, Homeownering, that was direct to consumer, providing information around mortgages to people, insider knowledge that I had learned through my work in the mortgage industry. I developed other software tools like Instant Equity Report that provides you with an essential component of your net worth: your home equity. I developed a program called Instant Mortgage Genius that debunked the mortgage process, and a related app that will relaunch at some point, that allows you to compare multiple mortgage options over time periods.

And then, I did something I wish I had done years ago: I got my mortgage license. So instead of providing a software layer to help you understand mortgage options, I can do it face to face. Instead of leaving you on your own to sift through numbers, I do it in person with my clients. I have my own proprietary technology and models as well, to run numbers for whatever my clients have their hearts’ set on and help make their homeownership dreams come true.

My approach to serving my mortgage clients is:

  • Expertise – I have years of expertise understanding the financial implications of all mortgage options on both your short term and long term finances and goals
  • Transparency – I believe that clients should know the full range of options, the pros and cons of each, and together we decide which one fits your goals best.
  • Efficiency – It is of the utmost importance that your loan closes as soon as possible, because otherwise you can miss out on important opportunities.

It’s been a 12 year journey serving people seeking home financing, in various ways. But all aspects have added greatly to my knowledge of financing, financial outcomes and service.

How can I be of service to you? Find out all the ways to contact me at this page.

I also devote time each week to making educational content which you can find on YouTube and Instagram.

In my free time, I spend time with my family and friends, cook, I love to exercise, mainly lifting weights and running, and pursuing a number of hobbies such as reading world history, exploring the city and participating in dog obedience competition training with my lab, Cosmo.

Nicole Hamilton

  • Email: nicole@homeownering.com
  • NMLS #2354049

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