How to get over anxiety about your mortgage and take action

Do you have anxiety about your mortgage? Here are some common sources of anxiety.


"My rate is going to adjust but I don't know exactly when or what to do."

If you have an adjustable rate product, it can be hard to tell when your rate is scheduled to adjust, and when it does, how this will affect your payments. No, it isn't just you. Most people with adjustable mortgages don't have the answers and they are similarly confused and nervous. 

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Making progress towards a lush lawn

Are you a good gardener? I would call myself more of an aspiring gardener. 

I moved into a new house in November, and it is the first time that I've had an actual yard in my adult life, after years of apartment living.

Since it was already quite cold out when I moved, it was hard to tell what the lawn might be like in warmer weather. Now that spring is here, I can see that the yard is mostly weeds!

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