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How to get rid of carpenter bees

A couple of months ago, when the weather began to warm up and the temperature was warm enough to sit outside in the afternoon, a large bee would hover menacingly outside the door. 

It seemed like a dare: see if you can get by me to enjoy your yard! It wasn't long before I noticed that above the door was a piece of wood holding our awning up, with about thirteen 1/2 in holes in it, the work of carpenter bees.

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Tax considerations for homeownership

There are a number of tax benefits available to homeowners, such as mortgage interest deduction. However, the only way to know the precise tax value of any economic decision is to prepare a tax return for the taxing agency (or all of them) first without including the economic decision and then prepare it again including the economic decision. The difference between these two outcomes is then the exact value of the tax benefits associated with the decision. 

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