Thanks to our readers, the book has a new name

When I wrote my book, my goal was to distill eight years research into a clear, easy to read book that would help homeowners to get the best outcome possible from homeownership.

I wrote the book and then thought: “Hmm, what should I call it?” And in a couple of hours, came up with the name The Game Plan for Homeowners.

But did the name really capture the essence of what the book was about? I wanted to see, so I polled 50 of our early readers with a number of alternatives, based on reader feedback.

The name that won? “Avoid the Money Pit, Turn Your Home into a Financial Powerhouse”.

I love it. Thank you, dear readers, for choosing the name for me. I think it perfectly captures the results I was going for and I’m proud to announce that this is now the official name of my book!

Turn your home into a financial powerhouse

See my new book page here!