Find out important facts about a large part of your net worth, instantly!

Homeowner net worth

We, as homeowners, spend a lot of time thinking about our 401ks and what our investments are doing, but not necessarily about what our strategy for our home is.

But here’s the thing: our homes make up 66% of our net worth (Source: 2017 US Census report)! So, doesn’t it make sense to have strategy for that, instead of just the 34% of the rest of your remaining net worth?

What part of our net worth is in our homes? Well, it’s our home equity (home equity is defined as: the value of our home minus what we owe on it).

Average homeowner net worth

What’s stopping us from knowing our true net worth?

Well, for one, it’s hard. Finding out the net worth in your home is a moving target – as you pay your mortgage and as your home value goes up or down, the money you have in your home changes. Our home equity changes.

Secondly, we don’t always know how to interpret what it means to have a lot or a little money in our home. And, what is “a lot” or “a little”? How much is too much or too little. What should you do with the information and how can it benefit you? None of us have time to sift through information trying to make sense of it.

Thirdly, we don’t know how to turn what we learn about the money in our home to our advantage. What should we do with this information? How can it change our situation for the better? How can we use it to our financial advantage?

Now, it’s easy and clear

Because it’s so important for homeowners to know their true net worth, how to interpret it, and how to use it to their advantage, we are rolling out free reports to all homeowners in the United States.

That’s right. Any time you want, you can get a free report from us that lists your net worth in your home, how to interpret it, and use it to your advantage. For the first time,  homeowners will have access to this information at their fingertips. 

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We’re rolling out the ability for every homeowner in the United States to get an instant, free, full report any time they want on how much equity they have in their home and how to interpret what it means, uniquely to them.

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