What if you can’t pay your mortgage?

if you can't pay your mortgage

Maybe you suddenly find yourself in a financial situation where you are nervous about being able to pay your mortgage. The more you know about your options, the better you’ll be able to fix the situation. Here’s what to do if you find yourself wondering if you can pay your mortgage.

If you think you’ll miss one payment

The fix for you is different if you think you might miss one payment or if you might have trouble making future payments as well.

If it’s a one-time issue where you have a temporary cash flow issue then it’s best to get in touch with your mortgage company and make arrangements for the payment that is in question ahead of when it’s due. Temporary issues could be caused by things like a large medical bill due or a brief period where you are unemployed and will be starting a new job soon.

If you’ll miss more than one payment

If it’s a longer-term issue where you are afraid you might miss a few payments, you’ll want to contact your mortgage lender to make arrangements for the first payment first. Next, you’ll want to be fully aware of your options going forward so that you aren’t caught off guard.

Don’t put yourself at risk of losing your home!

It’s important that you know all of the issues related to missing a single mortgage payment as well as future mortgage payments as you can avoid serious problems with your lender.

Being well informed puts you at an advantage when you need it most. After all, for most people their home is their most valuable asset.

Make sure you weather the financial storm without putting your home at risk.

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