What kills ants instantly

what kills ants instantly

You see the a swarming ant pile and think, “get these things outta here!”. What kills ants instantly and makes them not return? In this article we will show you an easy way to kill ants instantly, and point you towards other methods that are also effective.

What kills ants instantly outdoors

Have a pile of ants congregating on your concrete or other surfaces, in cracks? Just grab a bottle of liquid dish soap and squeeze. There’s no faster, easier or cheaper way that I’ve found to completely eliminate an ant pile and make sure they don’t return. And, you get the added benefit of a soapy clean surface! Here’s how to do it step by step.

First, locate your ant pile. Shouldn’t be hard as they’re swarming.

Next, get your dish soap ready. Any kind will do. No need to get fancy. You’ll want to squeeze a generous amount directly onto the ant pile and the trail leading up to it.

Then, just wait a few minutes. Let the dish soap work its magic.

Have a sip of your coffee. Play with your dog.

play with your dog

Then, simply wash the area clean with a hose or bucket. You’ll enjoy a whiff of soapy smell and no more ants.

Will the ants return to this spot? No. I’ve never had ants return to the same spot I used the dish soap method on. This year is a particularly ant-y season in the Northeast, possibly because of our rainy spring, so I’ve had to use this on a number of locations but never have the ants returned to the same spot.

kill ants instantly

Other methods to kill ants inside and outside your home

There are many products available in stores that you can buy to kill ants. Many of these are toxic to pets. If you’re looking for other solutions, this earlier article we did covers many other ways to effectively kill ants, but maybe not as instantly.