Savvy mortgage shoppers experience faster, more successful closings

Savvy mortgage shoppers

Many people want to buy a home, but not all of them will be able to get a mortgage. Many who do get a mortgage will find themselves frustrated by the process. For home buyers, being confused about elements of borrowing can draw out the timeline and create frustration between the buyer, lender and real estate agent. A savvy mortgage shopper can have a real advantage saving time and money. Here are three ways that savvy mortgage shoppers experience faster, more successful closings.

Get qualified for a mortgage faster

Home buyers who are savvy mortgage shoppers can understand the sequence of events that needs to happen in order to get approval for a mortgage. They are organized, know how much home they can afford (and be qualified for), and can manage the process with lenders so that there are no delays. This makes them more competitive in the home buying process, potentially beating out other competitors and without letting a deal slip through their fingers.

Navigate lower appraisals

Home buyers who are savvy mortgage shoppers don’t get derailed as easily if the home they want appraisals lower than expected, as they’ve already prepared for the possibility and know what their options are. What might have been a roadblock for a less savvy buyer becomes a temporary speed bump.

Avoid surprise fees that hold up closings

Home buyers who are savvy mortgage shoppers aren’t surprised during the closing process as they have already figured out the amounts they will need, as well as the importance of maintaining a good credit score all the way through. While other homebuyers may come up short with the amounts they need to write checks for at the closing table, and might be denied final mortgage approval, the savvy mortgage shopper is prepared for the costs and the process making way for a successful close.

What’s the easiest way for a home buyer to become a savvy mortgage shopper?

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