Haven’t gotten around to refinancing? You’re not alone.

Haven't gotten around to refinancing

Practically everyone knows by now that mortgage rates are at historic lows. Yet, many people who could benefit from these low rates wait to refinance.

Why do people wait to refinance?

Given the nature of the economy, there are many people who feel they aren’t in a strong enough position right now with income or credit scores to refinance.

Sometimes people wait to refinance in order to see if interest rates drop further.

In other cases, some people are far along in their mortgage. The ratio of principal to interest they are paying may be a better deal than starting over at a lower interest rate, even if the mortgage interest rate is lower.

But in many cases, people feel too strapped for time. With parenting, job stress and a hundred other reasons, they simply don’t feel like they have the time to devote to a refinance.

Often a refinance doesn’t seem critical when there are so many pressures already.

What you might get from a helping hand

When you are stressed out and don’t feel like you have enough time to make a big financial decision, you can feel like you might make a mistake. Which you don’t want, certainly.

But, what if you had some help to make it easier for you, and faster too, with a better outcome as well?

Then you could eliminate the stress of refinancing, save time and money, and get it done with ease instead of procrastinating.

What kind of help exists?

The CFPB provides free counseling for mortgage transactions. They can help with anything from translating terminology to helping figure out if you have high enough credit to quality.

Or, we offer a service called Instant Mortgage Genius that gives you the latest knowledge about mortgages without the effort or frustration. It’s a step-by-step service that lets you save money, save time, beat banks at their own game and make sure you get a loan that serves your unique financial goals. Check it out!

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