Product review: AR Blue Clean 2050

AR Blue Clean 2050 pressure washer

Maybe you’ve heard about pressure washers – you’ve heard your neighbor using one and it’s loud and you wonder when they’ll be done. 🙂

Or you see a notice around your neighborhood to have someone pressure wash for you. I mean, who doesn’t like things clean.

I was curious about pressure washers, so I bought this AR Blue Clean and thought I’d do a review of it for people wondering if a pressure washer is something you might want to have.

Things to look for in a pressure washer

You want to consider how much pressure you need to wash what you are most likely to want to wash regularly. This AR Blue Clean 2050 is a mid-range pressure washer. 2050 refers to the pounds per square inch of pressure it delivers, or “psi.” A higher number can take graffiti off and lower numbers are more gentle, for example, like for washing a car, or a painted surface. So you want to consider the strength of the pressure washer.

For cleaning concrete, unpainted wood, metal and other similar surfaces, a mid range pressure washer should do the job.

You also want to consider ease of use. After all, you aren’t using it every day, so if it’s very complicated to get working, then you’re likely to forget how to use it if it’s not very user friendly.

How to use a pressure washer

Most pressure washers have a water input and an electrical cord. There are gas powered ones available as well.

The way electrical pressure washers work is that you need a water source and hose (a regular garden hose – you can check to see what size a particular washer requires in terms of hose diameter) and a power source. If you are running an extension cord, it’s a good idea to get a heavier duty one designed for outside use and heavy equipment.

There are a number of nozzles you can attach with different angles to that increase or decrease the pressure, depending on the surface you are washing.

You simply put the appropriate nozzle on, fire up the washer, and start cleaning!

Here’s a video that shows exactly how the AR Blue Clean 2050 works: