Fluctuating mortgage rates and home prices complicate home buying

Trying to buy a home is a moving target these days – because you’ve got interest rates fluctuating and home prices fluctuating. So it’s critical to have a flexible way to adjust your strategy. Because you don’t want to be caught trying to buy a home and then suddenly coming up short.

Why buying a home is a smart idea right now, especially

People say buying a house is less affordable, but renting is less affordable, too.

Both have seen major increases.

A lot of people get trapped in the mentality that owning a home is too expensive, and then they keep paying money on rent.

The fact is that rental prices will continue to go up. Here’s where rentals have been and where they’re going. Along the way there have been some dips but generally speaking, the trajectory is clear. It’s up.

Contrast that with buying, where even though buying a home is expensive, a 30 year fixed mortgage effectively freezes your main housing costs. For 30 years.

But because of market changes in mortgage rates and home prices, you don’t want to be caught flat footed and unprepared in this market especially where things change quickly.

You want a system that can reliable and get you into home ownership even as the market changes.

Discover how to aim for the goal of homeownership, even in this environment and hit your goal rather than miss: