Three reasons why knowing how much money is in your home is important to your financial health

Learn why knowing exactly how much money you have in your home can protect you, even if you don't plan to sell any time soon. 

Refinancing or not can make your home a better investment

Homeowners don't always consider how refinancing can affect their home as an investment. Here, we break down the main factors on what you should consider when looking into a refinance and what your strategy should be in refinancing, when looking at your home as an investment.

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How to lower your property tax

Home values are up across the country and many of us are feeling the pinch on increases in property tax. Here, we address why property taxes go up, how they are assessed, what you can do to lower your property tax and how to appeal an property tax assessment. 

Is your home a good investment?

For every story of someone making a lot of money off of buying a home, there seems to be another of a homeowner experience gone awry. So what’s the deal? How do you know if your home is going to be a good investment? Here, we break it down for you so you can know how to know if your home will be a good investment or not. 

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