Five simple and cheap fixes that add value to your home

Do you have a big renovation you are itching to do but not the time or budget? Here's five simple home improvement projects that are easy and won't break your budget. 

How to strategically plan for home maintenance upgrades

Don't get caught by surprise when your major home components reach the end of their lifecycle. Learn how to strategically plan for home component replacement, get a better product and save money. 

How to lower your property tax

Home values are up across the country and many of us are feeling the pinch on increases in property tax. Here, we address why property taxes go up, how they are assessed, what you can do to lower your property tax and how to appeal an property tax assessment. 

Best tools and gadgets for homeowners

What are some of the best tools and gadgets that female homeowners simply rave about? Hear about them in their own words - what are they? What makes them indispensable? Why do they love them? Learn about new household tools that can improve your life, solve a big problem or simply inspire awe. 

Energy efficiency upgrades that boost home value

Are you thinking about what home improvement upgrades you want to make? The data shows that you'd be wise to throw some energy efficiency upgrades into the mix. Find out what energy efficiency upgrades add the most value and save you the most money on energy costs. 

Is your home a good investment?

For every story of someone making a lot of money off of buying a home, there seems to be another of a homeowner experience gone awry. So what’s the deal? How do you know if your home is going to be a good investment? Here, we break it down for you so you can know how to know if your home will be a good investment or not. 

Tips from an expert about your bathroom renovation

We covered how to remodel a bathroom step by step, but now we're turning to an architecture expert, Maria Gray, to get the inside scoop on the pitfalls, challenges, trends and opportunities when renovating a bathroom.

How to remodel a bathroom step by step

For a lot of homeowners, remodeling a bathroom is high on the wish list of home improvements. Many homeowners report a lot of personal satisfaction from this project, and, a bathroom remodel has a return on investment between 58% to 65%. Remodeling a bathroom is something that you can do step by step. Let's look at four different levels of cost and effort.