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What home improvements give the best return?

Do you wonder what your return on investment would be with different home improvement projects that you have planned? In this feature, we dive into the data and show you how much value different projects will add to your home's value. See comparisons of the pay off of different renovations. 

How to caulk a bathtub

In this project, I caulk a tub as an amateur, giving you a sense of the time, effort, expense, pitfalls, challenges, and results of caulking a tub, so you can decide for yourself if it's something you'd like to try. 

Do you have any cruddy, broken caulk in a tub, shower, or sink? Well, this video is for you. If you've ever wondered if you could fix the caulk yourself (after all, how hard could it be??), you'll want to watch this video. In it, I let you know:

  1. How much time it takes
  2. What materials you need
  3. How much money you might save doing it yourself vs. paying someone to do it for you
  4. The results you might get, and
  5. An analysis on whether or not it's worth doing yourself. And, you can learn from my mistakes.

Get ready to get caulking with our first Homeownering Project!

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