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"Getting a mortgage in these high rate times was intimidating to say the least. Nicole's guidance and knowledge became an educative and comforting resource [...]

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“Your analysis and expertise helped me avoid making a costly mistake. I know where to turn now for my complex real estate finance questions.” [...]

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“Very informative. You have reaffirmed some things and enlightened me on others. Important things I did not know.” - Beatrice T., Denver, CO

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“It was really important to be able to see the differences between my (refinancing) options really clearly, and getting the roadmap for the best [...]

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"I’ve never seen or even spoken with anyone who can explain complicated financial concepts in a way that makes a person feel at ease... [...]

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"I've made costly mistakes in the past with regard to my home and didn't want do to the same with my refinance. I needed [...]

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"This book is a must-have guide for anyone who owns or would like to own real estate. Our homes are the biggest investment most [...]

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"This is the book I wish I had before starting to look for a house and a mortgage.  I don’t know of anyone who [...]

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