Ways to save money

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We developed this savings planner over time specifically for homeowners. It’s designed to be easy to use and remarkably effective. On the surface, it’s a simple spreadsheet. There’s no app to sign up for, no web site to log into. But it gives you remarkable clarity for where you can shave off costs and what you can prioritize for improvements.

And, once a month we send people who have downloaded the planner one tip on how to decrease your home expenses and one tip on how to increase your home’s value. That way, over time, we all make perpetual progress.

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Save money, prioritize, plan improvements.

“This made it so easy to see where my money was going and how much I could spend on improvements!”

– Susan O’Donnell, Boston, MA

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How to negotiate your homeowners insurance down

Homeowners insurance can be one of your largest expenses but it doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate it lower, even every year, saving you hundreds of dollars over time. But, insurance can be tricky. We made a video on homeowners insurance with some helpful tips and also a script you can use word-for word to negotiate your homeowners insurance down.

In this video, I interview a expert in homeowners insurance and talk about how to tell what company to use, how much liability insurance you should have, and how to get the right coverage for your particular needs.

How to negotiate lower homeowners insurance

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This script is designed to help you negotiate like a pro with your insurance carrier.

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Are you paying too much property tax? How to find out and what to do about it.

Property tax is usually the second largest expense for homeowners, after the mortgage, of course. But, how do you know if you are paying what you should, and if you might be able to get a reduction? This guide takes you through how to know how much you should be paying, how to dispute the amount if you are paying too much, and ways that you could get a reduction.

How to lower your property tax

Discover whether you are paying too much property tax and what to do about it.

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