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Would you be comfortable not knowing how much money you had in the bank?

Of course not. Knowing your bank account balance is essential.

But, even though home equity makes up the clear majority of a homeowner’s net worth (80% of homeowners have over 60% of their net worth in their homes), there is no easy way to know how much money you have in your home. Until now.

We make checking your home equity as easy as checking a bank balance.

Discover your essential home equity wealth.

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What will you discover?

  1. How big a check you’d get if you sold today
  2. How much home equity you have in your home right now
  3. How much home equity you’ll have in five and ten years
  4. Whether you have enough equity to refinance
  5. How to determine your home’s value the easy way

And more. Our report delivers all of this in an easy to read and understandable format, tailored to you.

How does it work?

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