Instant Mortgage Genius

You’ve waited until you’re ready to buy a home… and now the economy is doing somersaults.

Where are home prices heading? What about mortgage qualifications? Everything is suddenly in flux.

You want to make sure you don’t overpay, avoid surprise fees and have an advantage over other buyers competing for the same home.

More than anything, you want to set yourself up well financially for the future and avoid traps.

You feel you’re staying a step ahead, but things keep shifting, bringing up even more questions.

Like, “how do I deal with a fast-changing buying environment? What happens if my appraisal comes up short, considering the market turmoil? How to I best navigate the new income requirements? How do I know if a deal is the best one? What is my loan officer not telling me? How do I speed up the process when I don’t always feel in control?” … and so on.

You want to have the answers, but how could you possibly when things change day-to-day?

What if you could…

1. Have a trusted advisor at your fingertips at all times
2. Shave thousands off your costs and never get surprise fees
3. Cut the time it takes to get your mortgage in half

Be an instant mortgage genius

In times of turmoil, you can’t afford to make a mistake. Especially not a financial one. What you need are confidence, ease and speed.

Your opportunity

You have an opportunity to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates. Buying in a down market is shown to yield major long-term investment advantages. Go, you!

Seriously, this is great for you.

But, in this shifting landscape, competitive shopping is even more important than ever. With mortgage markets in flux, rates and offers are not the same.

Federal research proves that, even in a normal market, if you shop around and compare mortgages successfully you will save literally thousands and thousands of dollars (“Consumers’ mortgage shopping experience,” Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 2015).

The problem is, even during normal times, the process is rigged so that it’s almost impossible to negotiate the best deal for yourself.

Here’s why:

  • Different lenders have different requirements, making you jump through endless hoops
  • Lenders give conflicting information about what you qualify for
  • Trying to satisfy more than one lender draws out the process, risking your credit
  • Deals quoted in the beginning often change as you get closer to closing, resulting in unexpected fees
  • Time pressures from different requirements, products, and changing costs means you lose your negotiating power
  • What’s the result? You’re frazzled and frustrated and pay thousands more than you need to. When you need to save every penny you can.

IMGThe solution – Instant Mortgage Genius

Don’t waste more time reading contradictory articles, suffering through delays, or being at the mercy of a mortgage lender to get the best deal possible.

That all ends when you decide to be an Instant Mortgage Genius (IMG).

How IMG works…

IMG is a proven system that gets you the lowest possible cost for your mortgage, the best financial fit, the most negotiating power, zero hidden fees, and in half the time.

Proven process

Expert analysis

Live help

Our method sets you up for a successful competitive negotiation process and is based on research that shows savings of $2,500 in monthly payments and fees. On top of that, you avoid any surprise closing cost charges and get your mortgage in half the time as we speed you through.

Don’t go it alone! Get expert help. Send us a photo of any mortgage offer and we will analyze it along 10 different criteria making sure it’s the best option for your financial goals.

Questions are bound to come up and you deserve to get answers during this important process of getting a mortgage. We make sure you get the answers you need with our 24/7 question forums and weekly live help.

Save money and time on your mortgage


How Instant Mortgage Genius came to be

Winning the FWD real estate innovation finalist award for mortgage outcome tools

IMG started from personal experience during the last recession in 2009. Our founder was getting a mortgage and even though she did a ton of research, it ended up costing her thousands more than it should have. And it took twice as long as the mortgage professional said it would. So she started a company that researched consumer mortgage outcomes, and ran it for 10 years, gaining incredible knowledge into the mortgage process and market.

The process is absolutely stacked against home buyers. People buy homes only once in a while, so it’s impossible to amass the knowledge you need to beat loan officers at their own game.

It seemed shocking to us that no one was independently helping home buyers who doesn’t have a financial stake, and can be truly unbiased. An independent, helpful hand.

Also, home buyers don’t want to learn the minutiae of their loan deals. They want someone else to do the work for them and still arrive at the best outcome. Which is…smart.

After all, if you could, you’d want to sit back and let experts and tell you how to keep more of your money!

Now you can.

Get the very best deal for the smallest hassle.


1 . IMG’s proven system fast-tracks you to your best deal. Sail through the loan process, ace competitive shopping, avoid delays and eliminate surprise fees

2. Get expert, instant feedback on all of your mortgage offers with our proprietary IMG app. Your offers are sorted by 10 criteria, so you get a mortgage that fits your unique financial goals for the lowest cost.

3. Our 24/7 question forums and weekly live video sessions make sure you can get the help you need when you need it, until you close on your dream home.

For the largest financial decision of your life, invest in a safety net that ensures that you save the most money and get the right loan.

Save money and time on your mortgage


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is Instant Mortgage Genius for?

If you’re certain that you want to buy a home and you’ve done some looking into it and have a general sense that can afford one, then you’re the type of person Instant Mortgage Genius was created specifically for.

Who’s a typical Instant Mortgage Genius customer?

Someone who cares about making smart decisions with their money and wants the best deal possible. Busy people who don’t have endless time to learn everything about mortgages but still want to get a great mortgage quickly.

Who is Instant Mortgage Genius NOT for?

If you’ve explored buying a home and you’ve determined that you simply don’t have the down payment or income qualifications to buy a home now, then Instant Mortgage Genius is not right for you.

What if I sign up and then figure out that I can’t get a mortgage at all?

If you believe going into the process that you will be able to get a mortgage and then end up not being able to, we’d be happy to refund your money and you can put that towards owning a home at a future date, at which time we’d love your business!

At what stage in the home buying process is it best to get Instant Mortgage Genius?

You should get Instant Mortgage Genius before you commit to any particular mortgage. However, the earlier in the process you get it, the more you’ll benefit as it has bonus sections that help you with getting your credit score up, scripts on what to ask for from mortgage lenders and tips for getting ready for the mortgage process.

Save money and time on your mortgage