A safety net for homeownership decisions that saves you money and time.

mortgage helping hand

A helping hand with your biggest financial decision

So many questions come up when you get a mortgage or refinance. Make it easier on yourself with a helping hand.

  1. Get the same information the experts know
  2. Figure out how to clear all the hurdles ahead of time
  3. Save time and money
  4. Get your toughest questions answered
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I didn’t want to make a mistake with my money, especially now. This gave me the peace of mind I needed.

“Friends are having so much trouble getting qualified now, while this helped me get an amazing deal.”

Get a free, instant home equity report

Most of homeowners’ net worth is in their home equity. Find out now how much you have.

  1. Enter a few details about your home
  2. Get a free, instant report on how much home equity you have, sent to your inbox
  3. Check back whenever to find out how it has changed
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Discover 4 ways to save money and time

Beat banks at their own game when getting a mortgage or refinance:

  1. What’s the one thing is that 75% of mortgage shoppers don’t do that can save you $2,000
  2. What specific information do you need to ask for that the bank will otherwise never offer you
  3. What’s the one thing you need to do to cut the time it takes to get your mortgage in half
  4. How to do your own analysis so that your mortgage fits YOUR needs, not the bank
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These tips are easy to follow and I wouldn’t have known them otherwise. Saved a ton of money.

“True insider tips. Once you know them, they seem obvious but clearly most people are not aware of this kind of info and they definitely should be.”

Buying a home in the time of coronavirus

Buying a home in the time of coronavirus?
Discover how the rules have changed

This guide tells you what you need to know to save time and money and get the permanent home you deserve.

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If you are buying, owning or selling a home, you need expert information.

But when you go online to find answers, everyone has their own financial interests in mind, not yours.

How do brokers make money

With an asset as large as a home, you can’t risk lining someone else’s pockets at the expense of yours.

At Homeownering, we make you smarter than the “experts”.

Which means, thousands of dollars in opportunity.

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