Afraid you’ll be left out of homeownership?

If you think that homeownership is a goal you want to achieve, you can get in the game.

But maybe you have some perceived challenges that are getting in the way, whether it’s down payment, student debt or some dings on your credit.

Why you should be optimistic

Income, credit, down payment and debt are the moving levers that can be a barrier or a path to getting your dream home.

There are many myths about homeownership:

  1. You need 20% down
  2. You need perfect credit
  3. You can’t have any sizable debt

None of these are true.

Furthermore, even if you have an issue that makes you less likely to get approved for a home purchase, each issue can be addressed:

Credit – There is a floor for credit (540) but every bit of better credit gets you more options.

Down payment – Many loan programs require a minimum of about 3% – 3.5% down. You can get a house with a small down payment, or decide to save for a larger down payment.

Debt – The amount of debt you hold is only one factor. There is a ratio that is used for home buyers, and you can choose to reduce debt or change other factors to meet it.

Even if you can’t get in a home today, there’s a path for you.

Discover how to get the right mindset about homeownership by learning more about your options and finding your path:

  1. See how much house you can afford
  2. Discover how you can afford more house if you change some of your levers
  3. View the smallest commitment you can make to get the biggest house
  4. Get a sense of the exact timeline where YOU can get a house
  5. Determine what specific trade-offs you can make to get accepted for a loan

Don’t get left out of homeownership over a misunderstanding. Get the facts about a path that works for you.

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