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Nicole Hamilton

Your Mortgage Expert

What sets me apart

I am committed to transparency throughout the loan process. I keep you informed of exactly what’s happening at each stage so that there are no surprises.

I have access to excellent rates, but I also provide a high-touch service so that you are assured that what you are pursuing with your mortgage is in your financial best interest as well as being a great deal.

I’m a mortgage broker by design. I chose this position in the mortgage industry because I want to make sure that you have the widest range of mortgage products to choose from that suit your individual needs, financial profile and goals.

I work with a wide range of clients, so whether you’re looking for a $150k loan or a $4 million loan, you can get the best service possible. Whether you have W-2 income, are a sole proprietor, are looking for a bank statement-based approval, or own a business, I serve traditional salaried borrowers as well as entrepreneurial clients. I can help get you through the qualification process with confidence.

Working with people on various kinds of properties, from primary residence financing to second homes, buying in partnerships and multifamily properties are all types of financing I love working on.

My objective is transparency and efficiency – to get you the exact right type of financing that you need for your own success in the most efficient way possible.

How to contact me

Nicole Hamilton (Licensed as Nicole Hamilton Bernheimer),  Licensed Mortgage Professional, NY, FL, CT, NJ

  • NMLS #2354049
  • Co. NMLS ID: 12147
  • Cell: 917-650-0167
  • Toll free: 888-344-8440 #800
  • Email: nicole@homeownering.com

Financing a home is often the largest financial decision people make. I’m available to help you think about all of your financing options.

I love to serve my clients. Feel free to text, email, or arrange for a time on my calendar below.

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