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The Better Off Podcast, hosted by CBS’s Jill Schlesinger

Rising home prices has helped many homeowners get richer on paper…they have also prompted a big influx of questions about private mortgage insurance (PMI) and refinancing, so we figured it was time to bring on an expert. Nicole Hamilton, a tech executive-turned-mortgage and homeownership expert, founded Tactile Finance, the first digital tools that let people visualize their homeownership outcomes over time, putting consumers on a level playing field with the professionals who serve them. Nicole is also the author of the book Avoid the Money Pit, Turn Your Home into a Financial Powerhouse, and the founder of Homeownering.com, a company that provides unbiased, independent information for homeowners to get the best financial outcome possible.

Talk commerce Homeownering

Talk Commerce, hosted by Brent W. Peterson

This episode: Wealth and Homeownership with Nicole Hamilton

In interviews with homeowners, 25% say they bought their home first for an investment and second for a place to live. The other 75% say they bought a house simply as a place to live with little expectation for it to be a good investment. You grow wealth through homeownership.

Nicole Hamilton has made a career of helping others with home ownership. She explains REAFE in detail. A Real Estate Asset and Financing Evaluation is about maximizing the returns you get from your real estate.

#437 The App Guys B2B Podcast

Nicole Hamilton, Owner and CEO of Homeownering.com, shares her favorite piece of business advice: rethink meetings – see if you can achieve a meeting’s goal without the meeting, and if you have to have a meeting, don’t waste time, have an agenda, and keep it short.

You can connect with Nicole on Twitter (personal: https://lnkd.in/gv8BhrG; Homeownering: https://lnkd.in/gAnS2ec), email nicole@homeownering.com, go to www.homeownering.com, or on LinkedIn (https://lnkd.in/gve63Uw).

Join us as we talk with Nicole Hamilton, Founder & Owner of Homeownering, Inc. This week we talk about: – Simplifying a business vs. “boiling the ocean” – Whether to take a partner or go solo – Pros and cons of different funding -Lessons learned on my second go-around -A/B testing made simple Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe. The Small Business Connections Podcast is hosted by Ann Brennan, owner of ASMM Digital Marketing. The podcast was created as a means of helping her clients build a community around their brands. Since its inception, the podcast has grown to include guests from around the world.