Take our 47 second quiz “What’s Your Greatest Homeowner Challenge?” and pick a gift of your choice

Homeowners challenge quizThere’s nothing better than opening our mailbox and getting a note that says, You helped me avoid making a huge mistake!” or “Thanks for helping me save a thousand dollars!”

To serve homeowners the best we possibly can, we want to know: “What’s your greatest homeowner challenge?”. Knowing your biggest challenge lets us create the ideal tools for you.

So, what’s your greatest homeowner challenge?

Maybe it’s that your dog keeps digging up your garden and you can’t stop her wily ways. Or, that your mortgage bank won’t return your calls and it’s wearing on your very last nerve (don’t you hate that?).

In return for taking our very short, 47 second quiz (yes, we timed it ;)) we want to give you something valuable specifically to you. So, pick your gift!

Answer the quiz that corresponds with the gift you’d like (quiz questions are the same no matter what gift you pick):

Credit Booster
Take the quiz and get our Credit Booster!
Avoid the Money Pit
Take the quiz and get Avoid the Money Pit!
Take the quiz and enter to win $100 Home Depot gift card!

Only one quiz per homeowner, please!

Thank you so much for your help. And, we to hear from you, so if you have any questions or comments, just email us at help@homeownering.com.

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– NAWRB, Women in the Housing and Real Estate Ecosystem, April 2018