How do you make sure your clients close faster and more successfully on their new home?

By being savvy mortgage consumers.

In this competitive and changing environment, home buyers who can:

  • Confidently qualify for mortgage
  • Get through the mortgage process quickly
  • Be fully informed of credit considerations, and
  • Be prepared for closing costs

…have a better chance of closing on a home and beating out less prepared home buyers.

An efficient and informed mortgage customer makes the best home buyer AND best client for real estate agents.

I’m sure you’ve see even the smartest buyer getting derailed in the mortgage process due late stage credit issues, changing qualifications, unexpected appraisals, and other snafus.

What if your home buyer clients had independent support that let them sail over any hurdle (while also saving literally thousands on their mortgage)?

Meet Instant Mortgage Genius. Instant Mortgage Genius turns all home buyers into savvy mortgage consumers and lets them sail over hurdles to a successful close with the independent support they need.

Spend less time worrying about your client’s ability to get a mortgage, maintain credit, be able to cover closing cost fees, and get their mortgage quickly and efficiently.

Get the satisfaction that your client will experience a smoother mortgage process and save a lot of money.

IMGInstant Mortgage Genius

Instant Mortgage Genius is a simple, step-by-step process that gets your clients up the learning curve to close on a mortgage in record time and with the best financial deal possible.

It’s a proven system that gets home buyers the lowest possible cost for their mortgage, the best financial fit, the most negotiating power, zero hidden fees, and in half the time.

Proven process

1. IMG’s proven system fast-tracks you to your best deal. Sail through the loan process, ace competitive shopping, avoid delays and eliminate surprise fees. Get the best deal possible.

Expert analysis

2. Get expert, instant feedback on all of your mortgage offers with our proprietary IMG app. Your offers are sorted by 10 criteria, so you get a mortgage that fits your unique financial goals for the lowest cost.

Live help

3. Our 24/7 question forums and weekly live video sessions make sure you can get the help you need when you need it, until you close on your dream home. Make the most informed decision.

Watch an overview of our IMG process

Watch an overview of our expert app

Watch an overview of our 24/7 help

What does Instant Mortgage Genius cost?

It’s just a one-time payment of $87 for home buyers, and is available for them to use for however long it takes to close on their home, whether that’s one month, four months, a year or more.

Are there any discounts available?

Right now, we’re offering discount codes to select real estate professionals for up to 50% off the price. It’s a great way to give home buying clients a leg up in the process, speed up their mortgage process, save them a lot of money on their mortgage and avoid closing fees, while offering them a valuable discount. If you are interested in learning more, email

Where can I find out more about Instant Mortgage Genius?

You can visit our main product page for home buyers here.