Avoid the Money Pit. Discover How to Turn Your Home into a Financial Powerhouse

Homeownership expert Nicole Hamilton details the system that any homeowner can use – whether you have a house or apartment, in any market, no matter what your home’s value is or how many years you’ve owned it — to make sure you make as much money and save as much money as possible from homeownership.

“A must-have guide for anyone who owns, or who would like to own real estate”

The methodology inside this book lets you get the largest return on investment, no matter when you sell, whether now or in the distant future.

Avoid the Money Pit, Turn Your Home Into a Financial Powerhouse arms you with the information you need.

  • Learn the four building blocks that determine how to get a great return on your investment
  • Know exactly what your home equity is, how to protect it and use it
  • Get access to over 50 pages of cost-saving step-by-step guides, from negotiating lower homeowners insurance to negotiating with banks for your advantage
  • Discover industry secrets that span the lifecycle of homeownership from purchase to sale
Avoid the Money Pit
Avoid the Money Pit with Jill

As featured on CBS Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger’s radio show and podcast “Better Off.”

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Avoid the Money Pit. Turn Your Home into a Financial Powerhouse

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What the reviews are saying:

This is an empowering guide for potential and current homebuyers on how to access the most financial benefits from homeownership. Readers will be equipped with the building blocks for effective decision-making in the home buying process, from financing and appreciation, to cost of improvements and equity. Hamilton reconciles the emotional and practical aspects of buying a home, and highlights the positive benefits for homeowners and their community.”

– NAWRB, Women in the Housing and Real Estate Ecosystem, April 2018

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“Financial Powerhouse” member site 

Get access to extra tools, videos, and timely resources added every month that directly improve your homeownership outcome.

“The tools and scripts on this site are worth far more than the cost of the book. They not only help homeowners easily negotiate the best deals on homeowner’s insurance, mortgages, and more, but also make the process easy to understand. A must have for anyone looking to buy a home or get into real estate.”

Ready-to-use negotiation scripts

Negotiating down insurance and other expenses can seem daunting. These ready-to-use scripts make easy work of reducing some of your largest expenses.

Achieving pristine credit

Whether you have a good credit score and want to perfect it, or bring up a lagging score, this bonus helps you save money through reduced credit card fees and lower interest rates.

Avoid the Money Pit
Turn your home into a financial powerhouse

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Turn your home into a financial powerhouse

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