Welcome to our member area!

Hi, I’m Nicole.

When I wrote my book, I knew that I wanted to keep updating it year after year. This is because books for homeowners quickly fall out of date – a recession hits, mortgage prices fall or rise, the economy changes and homeowners need different information accordingly.

This member area lets me add new content in between book publications and make them available to you immediately.

What you’ll find here

Tools, tips, scripts, videos and more.

This area also gives readers an easy way to let me know what they like, what they want more of, and what isn’t helpful to them. If you need something, tell me. You can contact me at nicole@homeownering.com. Who knows? Maybe next week, you’ll find it right here, waiting for you. 😉

I love feedback.

Feedback helps me improve the content in both the book and in this member area.

I want to know: what do you like? What do you need that isn’t covered? What do you want more of? What do you not like?