“What’s your greatest challenge as a homeowner?”

Hi. You may or may not know about us, but we have a website called Homeownering. We’ve been featured on CBS Radio and the New York Times, and our focus in on helping homeowners save money and make money.

We’re 100% independent. We have exactly zero third party affiliations. What you see is what you get.

I’m Nicole Hamilton, the founder of Homeownering and I’d like to ask you a simple question today, “What’s your greatest challenge as a homeowner?” You see, we are always looking to serve our readers and future customers better and it’s important to us that we know what you care about.

To do this, we made a super fast quiz.

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Simply by taking this quiz, which asks four simple questions and takes an average of only 47 seconds to complete, you will be helping us better serve the homeowners of the United States. And most importantly, better serve you!

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if you choose to leave your email at the end, I will email you my 207 page digital book called “Avoid the Money Pit, Turn Your Home Into a Financial Powerhouse” which normally sells for $18 for digital copy or $25 for softcover.

Here’s a review of the book:

This is an empowering guide for potential and current homebuyers on how to access the most financial benefits from homeownership. Readers will be equipped with the building blocks for effective decision-making in the home buying process, from financing and appreciation, to cost of improvements and equity. Hamilton reconciles the emotional and practical aspects of buying a home, and highlights the positive benefits for homeowners and their community.”

– NAWRB, Women in the Housing and Real Estate Ecosystem, April 2018

Avoid the Money Pit
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You might be asking yourself, “Why on earth are you giving away such a comprehensive, well received book.” The reason is that your feedback is that valuable to us. You see, we want to be the absolute best we can be, and how can we do that if we don’t know what our audience is most concerned with?

Your feedback is like gold to us and we are more than happy to give you this valuable, free gift.

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How we are different

99.9% of sites for homeowners make money by selling your information to real estate, mortgage, or other related industries.

Homeownering is not related to or affiliated with any other sites or businesses. We do not share any information with anyone, we do not sell any information to anyone, and we are wholly and completely independently operated. Read more about us.

Launch the quiz now!

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Avoid the Money Pit featured on CBS radio

Avoid the Money Pit, Turn Your Home into a Financial Powerhouse

Featured on CBS Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger’s podcast “Better Off.”